About us

TRELLI was founded in 1991 and since beginning produce wooden stairs (pine, ash, beech, spruce). Additonal products are doors and windows, internal and external.

Basing on large experience we are able to construct varied shapes and connect different materials: wood-stone, wood-metal, wood-glass.

Our company is located in Czerwiensk near Zielona Gora, in middle-west part of Poland. It is not so far from border checkpoints in S艂ubice-Frankfurt /O, 艢wiecko, S臋kowice, Gubin-Guben and Olszyna.

Main group of our customers are private persons and building companies.

We sell our products generally to German market, where we are present for 7 years. In this time we have cooperated with few hundred customers and gained recognition for the quality, flexibility and competitive prices.

Number of our customers and range of our products grows every year. Every customer is treated individually and that creates their satisfaction. Our products are still improved in technical, visible, function and ecological point of view. All materials and components are highest quality.

Our experience and a number of already done constructions raised "quality to cost" relation to high level.