Profiles mixed

ProfilesRAILINGS Our firm manufactures railings of three profiles with two heights. Bending and deformation techniques (cold and hot) that are applied provide any, lasting shapes. Smooth and durable surface, resistant to grinding and not reacting with moisture and fat is guaranteed by proper protection of high class lacquers.

BANISTERS There are turned, carved and cut out banisters in the stairs that we design. A wide range of profiles (approx. 30 types) guarantees a customer a satisfactory choice. Adequately selected shapes give the stairs a slender look and have decisive influence on visual reception.

POLES Poles similarly to banisters can be turned, carved and cut out. Pole's finish - the head - may be of ball, half-ball or pyramid shape, made of wood or metal.

MIXED TECHNIQUES Stairs manufactured by Trelli are universal, both if it comes to the form and materials applied. There are mixed techniques that are very successively applied, where wood, metal, glass and stone is connected in any configuration. Such combinations considerably make the stairs more attractive and provide the possibility to adjust their character to the specific type of interior.